RN Residency Project

The UACH selected implementation of formalized, evidence-based, year-long nurse residency programs as the primary focus for our work over the past two years. Key stakeholders including academic and clinical partners throughout Utah have been working together to form a statewide, coordinated effort to support nurses’ completion of a transition-to-practice program (12-month nurse residency) after they have completed their RN degree program or when they are transitioning into new clinical practice areas as RNs.

Currently we have a nurse residency program established in all major health care delivery systems in the state.

RN Residency Program sites and program directors:

  • Davis Hospital and Medical Center
  • Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
  • Huntsman Cancer Hospital
  • University of Utah Hospital
  • Salt Lake Veteran’s Administration Hospital
  • St. Mark’s Hospital
  • Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Dixie Hospital and Medical Center

Nurse Residency Minutes

Key Contact

Joan Gallegos: JGallegos@healthinsight.org