Seamless Path to a BSN

This new, statewide campaign has two primary target audiences:

Future Nurses

Prospective nursing students who begin their education with an AD in nursing will be offered an early assurance option—a seamless pathway of study—that includes beginning a BS completion (RN-BS) program within one year of graduation from the AD program. The goal is to identify these students as they apply to or enter their AD programs and educate them on the importance of the BS degree as part of educational and career advancement.

A contract will be created between the AD nursing student and the BS completion program, admitting them into that program as an early assurance student. Students must meet the established criteria, in order to be assured a spot in the RN-BS program. Emphasis will be placed on recruiting prospective students from diverse racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds.

Current Nurses

The second component of the “Breakthrough to Baccalaureate” campaign is designed to increase the baccalaureate nurses in the workforce by targeting AD prepared RNs already out in the workforce. This media campaign will have a motivational aspect and an informational aspect.

The campaign messaging will emphasize the value of obtaining the BS degree in nursing using the stories from current and previous RN-BS students.  Integral to this aspect of the campaign is content from the practice/employment settings such as: the value of the BS in nursing degree in hiring and promoting, the importance of education in career planning and employee development, and the value added to the organization and patient care. In addition to clear expectations for timely degree completion, it will be important to provide information on resources and support such as: tuition reimbursement and/or financial assistance programs and flexible work hours to accommodate academic course work.

The target audience, AD-prepared working nurses, will also receive detailed information on all the BS completion programs available in the state including: program length, cost, delivery format, prerequisites and tuition support. This information, along with contact information, will be available in an easy and accessible format for cross-program comparisons.